And then I realized, travelling is the best way to learn – Anonymous 

Throughout my life I have been given the opportunity to travel on amazing trips filled with unique experiences that have had a lasting impact on my life. With every city or country I have visited, the venturesome experiences and the different perspectives I have gained has helped shape my desire to continue travelling. It gave me a platform to diversify my experiences; shaping my life as I discover myself, my purpose, my true desires and potentials while I venture out in a new place.  Continue reading


I have come to a decision of adding a new category on my blog where I will be sharing with you some of the work that I have done revolving around social justice. By this means, I will be sharing with you some of my school papers that I have written and while I do not consider myself an expert, the opinions expressed in all of my posts are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of my employer, organization, committee or other group or individual. Combatting and ending impunity has been one of my life-long goals thus, in pursuit of international justice for perpetrators of horrific crimes, this post will explore the different forms of impunity relative to genocide, civil war, and other conflicts. Continue reading


It was the conversation that I had with my brother that motivated me to write this post. My brother, a fourteen-year-old average teenager, is notorious for taking long showers. Lasting approximately forty-five minutes to an hour, it was the constant banging on the bathroom door that triggered me to say enough is enough.

Imagine if getting a drink of water or simply taking a shower was not as simple as turning on your tap or shower faucet. Imagine going through your day without access to clean and safe water in your home for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing whenever you need it (Caruso, 2017). Imagine yourself trekking miles to a water source to only find dirty and polluted water and bringing it home to your family. Now, imagine doing this tedious task every single day for six hours with no time for anything else. Continue reading


Identified by changes in temperature, precipitation, winds, and other indicators, climate change is often referred to as a long-term shift in weather conditions (Government of Canada, 2015). According to the Government of Canada (2015), climate change can involve both changes in average conditions, as well as, changes in variability such as extreme events. While existing literature focuses on the economic consequences of climate change, additional attention is required on the social impacts of this environmental issue. Under such conditions, climate change has gender-specific implications. Pertaining to women’s roles in society, production, and domestic life, this post seeks to provide the effects of climate change on women regarding their vulnerability and adaptive capacity. Relevant examples from scholarly literatures will be provided to illustrate these arguments. Continue reading